photo credit: Chris Randle

Thank You, You're Not Welcome

Based on the original work 10 Things You’ll Hate About Me

(2011, 55 minutes)

Choreographer & Performer: Noam Gagnon
Dramaturge & Playwright: James Fagan Tait with Noam Gagnon
Costume & Set Designer: Marina Szijarto
Composer & Sound Designer: Stefan Smulovitz
Lighting Designer: Kyla Gardiner (Original Designer: Itai Erdal)

In a series of frenzied vignettes excised from his life, or maybe stolen from another, choreographer and performer Noam Gagnon presents Thank You, You’re Not Welcome (a new incarnation of his previous work, 10 Things You’ll Hate About Me, which premiered in 2010). This madcap tale walks the tissue-thin line between art and life, ushering audiences deep into a wild storybook world in the tradition of the Brothers Grimm. Smearing any distinctions between lived experience and theatrical extrapolation, Thank You, You’re Not Welcome reinvents personal narrative and plumbs the autobiographical impulse with a vivisectionist’s care. Based on a list of things that can shape, haunt and cripple a life, Thank You, You’re Not Welcome seeks to go into the proposition that growing up can be a fabulous but painful ride. With James Fagan Tait as director and playwright, the work employs Gagnon’s signature choreographic language of fierce, hyper-speed movement that combines humour, pathos and absurdity to move the audiences by the recognition of a life lived.