Mark Mushet

This Crazy Show

Premiere: October 20-22, 2016, The Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC

Created and performed by Noam Gagnon

What is it to be hammered and pressed out of shape without breaking?

This crazy show is a reflection in the quest for love while revisiting a world where a childlike imagination and reality reign supreme.

Choreographer and Performer: Noam Gagnon
Artistic Advisor and Rehearsal Director: Danielle Lecourtois
Dramaturge and Directorial Contributor: James Fagan Tait
Composer, Sound Designer, Live Accordionist: James Coomber
Set Designer: Bryan Kenney
Lighting: Stéphane Ménigot
Creature Design: Darryl Milot
Additional Creature Design: Marina Szijarto
Stage Manager: Galia Goodwin
Video Designer: Aram Coen
Video Editor: Marie-Eve Talbot
Text: Noam Gagnon
French Voiceover: Jonathan Malenfant
Creature: Ken Blaschuk
Calling Cards Designer: Grace Li

Vision Impure gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, City of Vancouver, and the Simons Foundation.